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Originally Posted by TRBG View Post
(1)I agree with the "start dating people" part. I disagree with the "abandon your rules" part. Your rules are based on your comfort levels which are subject to your own evolution.

(2)Continue discussions with each other throughout your evolution to determine comfort levels, especially seeing as how it's the comfort level/trust you have with each other that's safely gotten you to this point.

(3)Have fun.

I would add the caveat to #1 that "rules" should be decided for yourself, as if you were dating as a single person, "i have a rule that i pay my own way when i go out to dinner" or "i have a rule that i only take drinks from my own hand instead of letting people feed me shots of Gentleman Jack on an empty stomach after i have already had four Mike's Hard Lemonades.". Things like that; not stupid rules such as "you may not take someone else on a date to the Bridge of Flowers because i took you there first."

I believe that the more compatible you are (whatever that means to a person) and the better FRIENDS you are with your partner(s), the less of a need you will feel to "protect" your relationship with "rules".
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