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GS--Easy chose his own name. He likes it, and jokes about being the "easy" in cheap and easy.

As for public affection with Sunday, that would be nice, but in reality I'm trying to negotiate more affection at all. Sunday had serious concerns that he might be monogamous, and his shy nature has essentially meant that he shows very little physical affection for me at all, in public or private. However, he says that he loves me and is committed to making the quad work, so I'm working on both patience and keeping things moving forward.

Asha and I actually talk about this fairly often, and we've discussed me being more aggressive with Sunday, but I'm extremely shy as well, and I can't "read" him so I don't feel comfortable knowing whether I've stepped over a line. I'm trying, I really am. Given how extroverted Asha is, maybe I'm being too worried about stepping over lines.
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