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Default Steps towards action - pulling off the scab vs waiting

So me and my partner have been moving towards poly territory. She has the poly leanings, I'm the mono tending guy working on reprogramming my beliefs etc. We've had a few very productive conversations but also some missteps here and there which have led to things perhaps seeming closer to us taking action than maybe either one of us is fully ready for? I'm oscillating between ideas of wanting to just push forward faster into action in order to get oriented and just 'pull off the scab' so to speak, but then get deathly afraid that I'm not ready and am doing this to relieve the tension and I really don't want things to blow up in our faces by handling this poorly. We both love each other and care about one another very much, but also recognize that how this happens could very well be make or break for us.

Does anybody have any thoughts or advice with regards to crossing the threshold into action (we've already talked expectations, boundaries, rules, negotiations, etc.), or in terms of a 'pulling off the scab' approach vs being more cautioned and deliberate and slow? I could really use some help and direction. It's late and I'm tired but we'll likely be talking in the morning.

Any advice is much appreciated!

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