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Originally Posted by UnitedForNow View Post
I didn't have one, which is why I'm here seeking guidance
Gotcha. You haven't been left with any other options. At this point all you can do is to decide what to do with the situation presented.

Who knows, maybe his luck will hold out and she won't get pregnant and all is well?

Originally Posted by UnitedForNow View Post
I thought a "fluid bond" is where all committed partners agreed to not share body fluids with others outside the primary relationship. I assumed this would mean condoms or other forms of birth control to prevent STD's and/or pregnancy...
Fluid bond just refers to having sex without barriers like condoms or dams, but you might be right. I suppose it makes sense to call it an "exclusive fluid bond" or something? Titles aside, if you are concerned about your health then use condoms and stop doing any other activities with him that you would find "risky"... problem solved.

If a personal story would help:

IV and I used condoms when we first started dating. She and CV haven't used condoms in forever as far as I understand. IV and I talked about it after we had been dating for a while and she felt that I would not risk her health, and decided that if I would agree to get myself tested that we could no longer use condoms (if I wanted). Granted, she is on birth control and I've had a vasectomy, so there was never any risk of children - just STIs.

Some time later I had unprotected sex with a girl I didn't know well enough to feel confident about her sexual health. As a result, I spoke with IV about it before we had sex again and she and I started using condoms again. If I had instead known this girl long enough to be confident about her health and honesty and she submitted to a STI test, I would have stopped using condoms with her and let IV know.

While I suppose you could consider this a "committed fluid bond" or something, personally I just consider this loving someone and having a care for their health as well as for my own.
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