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Originally Posted by UnitedForNow View Post
So you are saying that - if he chooses to practice unsafe sex and not commit to a fluid bond, that my choices are: A) accept the risk he is taking or B) get out of the relationship?
I'm guessing this was a response to something I said?

I don't know what the bold statement means, what is involved in committing to a fluid bond? How is that related to what we are talking about? (I'm not being sarcastic, I just don't understand what this means or how it is related)

If you have already been explicit that you will not stick around if there is a child. They choose to have unprotected sex anyway. You have tried to explain to him how the birds and bees work but he dismisses your voo-doo out of hand.
1. Deal with it
2. Split
What is the third option you had in mind?
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