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Okay, maybe not as bad I thought. He apparently talked with Lamian about the fact that what she has been doing to me is unfair and doing nothing but hurting me.

I added on when he was telling me about this that with how she's acting makes it difficult for me to have time with Seven without throwing Woodsmith away because she'll tell him he can have time with me the day of which means I can't talk to Woodsmith about things. And that set up still has me feeling that I'm only supposed to be there for him if she can't be.

Also stated that since she expects and demands so much freedom in her relationship with her secondary the fact she refuses the same extension for me has left me feeling not like a secondary relationship but less than a person.

Finally ended it with if things don't change I can't keep doing this because of how much I'm falling apart but I know losing him while we are still wanting each other will make me fall apart just as bad. Mentioned that now it seems to be a waiting game since he told her things need to change to because it isn't fair to me. After which he tools me it can't just be waiting something drastic needs to happen to prove Lamian isn't just trying to hurt me.
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