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Originally Posted by UnitedForNow View Post
He believes as long as the intercourse is brief and isn't prolonged (causing pre-leakage) and if he doesn't even come close to a climax while inside of her that there is no risk
Can he tell just by feel whether or not there are a few loan sperm traveling into her? That's pretty amazing intuition that he can know that for sure.

It sounds like he learned his reproductive information from the walls in a bathroom stall.

Originally Posted by UnitedForNow View Post
I know it is their bodies, but a child would impact all of us.
A new job would impact all of you. The death of a close friend would impact all of you. Deciding to join the circus would impact all of you. One of you getting hit by a car and being quadriplegic for the rest of their life would impact all of you.

Life is full of changes, some of them we can see coming and sometimes they just slam into us. The fact that the decision someone makes will impact you (as surely a couple of your partners getting pregnant would) doesn't give you say over how they should live their lives. If they make a decision that impacts you then you get to decide how you will handle it.

Originally Posted by UnitedForNow View Post
Was I right to let them both know that I didn't feel comfortable with them not using protection?
Personally I think the only thing I might feel the urge to state is that "I don't want a kid. So if you guys get knocked up and want to keep it then understand that is going to change the nature of our association"

IV, for example, knows that when she gets pregnant at some point that it may very well mean I won't be living with her any longer. This isn't something I informed her of so she is aware of my "boundaries", it just came up in conversation and I let her know my thoughts on the topic. It's possible that I will have changed my mind at that point but for the mean time she gets that I don't want kids and am not interested in living with one. My telling her and CV "You guys need to use protection, I don't like the idea of her getting pregnant" would be met with HOWLING LAUGHTER.
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