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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
LOL! OH MY GOD! If I didn't write things down I would lose myself! Totally understand that one!

"Typical signs of ADD in girls include:

Difficulty maintaining focus
Easily distracted
Disorganized and “messy”
Difficulty completing tasks
Slow to process information and directions (It may even appear that they aren’t hearing you)
Often late (poor time management)"

This is an interesting article on the difference:
Thank you for posting this! I actually have every one of these symptoms and have been thinking for a couple of years now that I do have ADD. It has been an issue with relationships and business partnerships as well, I am sure. I think I will pursue getting evaluated so that I can deal with it. LOL

MY 5yo shows many symptoms as well, definitely hyper and hard to keep focused. And running does make a difference for her too. She MUST play outside every day, otherwise she just has meltdowns. IF she gets her physical activity in, she is much better. I appreciate knowing that this works for your kids as well LR!

Very interesting information on the histamine issue as well. Worth investigating further...
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