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Originally Posted by Flowerchild View Post
Does it make it harder for straight couples to be poly, as they can't really be fully integrated with their respective partners, but each has to date on their own?
If I'm picking up what you're putting down here, you are talking about a triad or quad type situation. That is, where all of the members of a relationship are sexually involved with one another. This would be the only time where being "fully integrated" with someone elses partner is even a topic of discussion.

For all of the other forms of poly which are not group-sex oriented, this is not a question that is relevant. I am more or less heterosexual, CV is heterosexual, IV is heterosexual... who cares? I am not part of a partner exchange program, I'm dating IV who also (completely unrelated to my relationship with her) is dating CV. CV and I don't need to be sucking each others dicks for this to be a fully functional poly arrangement. It just means that we are not a triad... who's got time for that kind of stress?
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