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Default New and Monogamous (atm)

Hi everyone,

I'm interested in learning more about polyamory and how it works out in practice. I've always been in monogamous relationships, but more recently I've begun to question the supposed benefits of monogamy and found that they don't really add up for me.

I can't really discuss these thoughts with people around me, since they seem to perceive me as having an underlying motivation, like I'm making excuses to justify cheating or something (which I've never done, btw).

So my situation is that, on an intellectual level I believe that polyamory would be a healthier approach to relationships both emotionally and spiritually. Even though I expect there would be a lot of emotions that I'd need to work through and deal with. I'm sure that I could cope with them.
On a practical level, I have no idea how it would work out or even if my current relationship could move in that direction.

I saw this forum and it's so informative with what appears to be so many balanced perspectives that I wanted to join.

That's it, I guess.
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