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If other local people you know are wondering if he's BPD that could tell you that something here is NOT right. Maybe he's BPD, maybe he's not. Not everyone is a doctor, but for sure you are not happy with him like this.

Many people have said the same thing about BPD. I dont know. Whatever it is I somehow provoke this. I get upset bc I dont understand it.
I am sure it is frustrating to not understand how you provoke it. You probably don't. It's probably HIM.
I think its time I just let him go bc I love him too much to let this continue. All I want is for him to find peace and happiness. Thats not with me in the picture. I do know I cant live this way anymore.
Sounds reasonable. The "push-pull hot-cold" thing doesn't feed you any and you are tired of all this. It's ok to leave and it's ok to spend some time processing before moving on.

At times I feel his behaviour is emotionally abusive. Im not saying he is emotionally abusive or doing it purposely. Thats just what it feels like.
I wish him the best.
You sound like you are firm on breaking up. That's good for YOUR mental and emotional well-being. WTG!

But just in case it helps you STAY broken up and stick to it... since you bring up emotional abuse? Could check the list:

Whether he does those abusive things from "evil" or from "illness" doesn't matter. If he's being abusive toward you, it is still abusive either way. And either way? You do NOT deserve to be abused. Nobody deserves to be abused.

You could keep you out of the line of fire.


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