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Thanks Cindie. Yes, I am a nurturer/healer by nature, kids, gardens, animals, other adults, I am drawn to nourish and protect.

Nice thing about Ginger, despite his physical health issues, he is very strong emotionally and physically. Yes, he has allergies, yes, he got bit by a disease carrying tick 2 summers in a row. Otherwise, he is strong, stable, balanced, self aware. He calms MY anxieties!

More excitement around here. After a year and a half of eqilibrium, Ginger has the Mischa interest. Also, he is pursuing a man (he's so laid back, the pursuit is rather gentle), but their planned dates keep getting messed up and they keep missing each other. Happened again last night. He's frustrated. He's never been with a guy but really wants to be.

Adding to this, my little miss pixi... well, she's been Domming a guy her age online for 2 years and he's finally agreed to meet. He's here now, down in our girl cave, and he's nervous as hell. Goodness knows what they are doing down there... He didn't want to meet me, so I ran and hid in a bedroom when he rang our bell! hehe. I am going to go over to Ginger's in a bit. Subbie boy might be here til 5, and he got here at 11am.
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