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I am glad that you are making progress RP and are starting to come out of that cloud I metaphorically saw hanging over your head. I don't think I've ever been monogamous, but we did live several years in pseudo monogamy where we weren't actively dating or having relationships, but had FWB's who came in and out of our lives (Runic Wolf more than myself) and it's been a hard adjustment for him to have me be the one in a steady relationship for the last 4 years because I was never the one actively looking for a second relationship. However, I love the idea of intentionality in relationships; I may have accidentally fallen into my relationship with Wendigo, but I am intentionally fostering it and letting it grow. I am also intentionally fostering my marriage. Early on, it was easy to let NRE take over and let my stable marriage slide and I wonder if, in a way, you did something similar in your relationships by feeling like you HAD to keep adding to your poly family as if being content with the loves you had would somehow make you less poly in the eyes of your community.
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