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You feel however it is you feel. If you feel uncomfortable, you feel uncomfortable. Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually -- in all layers or only some, you feel uncomfortable. And that's ok and hardly unusual.

I think you could be making this be a bigger deal than it has to be on the asking front though.

You want to ask them things -- BF, wife, the OSO. So ASK. That doesn't mean they will grant your requests JUST because you ask. But they might be willing to work something out. You won't find that out unless you ask if they could be willing. (They control their own behavior. Maybe they are NOT willing, but you can't know that either until you ask.)

For yourself? You can control your own behavior. Have anyone who has sex with YOU to slap a condom on until test results are back in. Or don't have sex with them until the results come back in.

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