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Default multiple houses

Originally Posted by JadeDoor View Post
It's nice you guys have found a way to make that work. May I ask why you each support two houses? I thought at first one was for the ex wife, but you said she moved back in so I'm just curious.
Although I consider Richard my primary partner and we are planning our retirement together, we have never shared a home. We do spend time at each others houses. When we met (10 years ago) we had each just built our houses (the main ones that we live in). Since then, we have each purchased an investment property. He lives part time in each of his houses because of his job. I live in my main house and spend time occasionally at my beach house.

It is pretty interesting for his ex to be at his main house when I am there- which has been a lot lately. We work together to make his life more comfortable and he does the same for each of us!
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