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I was implying I didn't want my bf having unprotected anal with her until this other guy was tested
Sorry, hasn't she been tested? He is sleeping with her, not him, so surely the fact that she has recent negative results should alleviate your concern?

I suppose I don't trust this new relationship and bf is fluid bonded with her.
You don't have to trust her new relationship, it has nothing to do with you, you are her metamour. If a metamour dating outside your network spooks you so much, how will it be if one of your partners did?

I guess I could give him no oral while that guy is untested and try to feel safe in condoms
But the person he is sleeping with has negative test results, right? Remember, your husband is untested and could have an std that you are attempting to protect yourself from here. I understand that your husband's partner(s) have negative test results, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have something like herpes that they have not contracted thus far. I assume that this is your concern with this guy: he could have something dormant that your boyfriend's wife hasn't contracted so far. I agree that this does present a small risk, but objectively, it is true of your husband too.
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