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I'll go on up to three dates if I think is somebody is great and might be good to know but don't feel I'm attracted to them. After my first date with Adam I was not attracted to him at all and only interested in being friends. As I was sure surprised when a couple meetings later we were dating, it encouraged me to give people a chance (as even if he and I turned out to have vastly differing libidos, there is still chemistry present). I didn't actually feel attraction or sexual chemistry on first dates with either of my other two partners either, but they still turned out to have wonderful sexual compatibility with me. If at date three I'm still not feeling anything, I'll tell them dating wont work.

edit: not sure if it matters, but I am rarely feel immediate attractions to people - probably once a year or so I find myself drawn to another person - I have no idea if this would be different for people who regularly find themselves having chemistry with others! Think I'll ask my partners out of curiosity, they tilt that way more.
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