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Oxford BiFest
March 27th, Oxford University Club. 5 unwaged, 10 waged.

Whilst the main agenda is focussed around Bisexuality, the entire team who are running it are polyamorous so consider yourselves more than welcome! We will be running a workshop called "Relationship Styles and Structures" which will explore all the different ways people can have relationships.

It'll also be a fantastic way to find out about all the LGBT events that will be happening up and down the country, the main purpose of this event is to get new blood into the communities and help people find community.

If this goes well (and especially if we pick up a strong poly-presence) then expect Oxford PolyFest to follow soon after.

Also, in more Poly-centric news, you may be interested in OpenCon - from the guys who brought you Polyday, a whole weekend dedicated to Polyamory and non-monogamy. Sounds like it's going to be a blast
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