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So if you all can figure it out, I can too, cause your schedules sound crazier than mine.

I don't have a smart phone; but it reminds me of a project I used to think someone should invent - an ultimate timer, that you could program with everything from daily to weekly to monthly to a specific schedule in the day, etc. Looks like smart phones have maybe eliminated the need for a single purpose device like that. (Maybe I should rethink my opposition to smart phones. I'm pretty sure I would break it... I have bad luck with electronics, especially small ones... but maybe the utility would be worth the risk.)

My problem so far with schedules and plans is that the more specific the schedule is, (so far) the more likely I'll break it/mess it up/get completely off track in less than a week, and by the second week it's back to the mess that it was before. It's like reverse psychology, except the kind that's not useful, cause I really WANT to be able to schedule everything down and pre-think it so I can fit everything in and I'm not running in a daze all day not sure what's when etc. I'm trying to learn a way to make the schedule work for me and make it easier to follow, but not sure how yet.

Definitely, accountability is a problem. Hard to keep the thought in mind that if I focus on one thing at a time, I'll get to the things I want to think about, but it seems like if I just do the things that need to get done I run out of time to do the things I want to do. Which is where scheduling would help so I'd know it was all going to fit in, but so far having a specific schedule makes it harder to stick to. Which is totally messed up I think, so I need to work on that somehow.

Anyway, thanks for all the ideas!! (I might see if there's a self test for ADD somewhere, that's interesting.) It does sound like finding a way to create and stick to a reasonable working schedule is the best way to go, so (since I'm great at making schedules!) I just need to really work on sticking to the schedule.
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