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I dont know. I havent heard from him at all since this last breakup. Apparently he has nothing else to say to me. I do kniw for a fact he has withdrawn from other relationships when he is in a emotional crisis. He loved another years ago before I came along. He just stopped talking to her bc she kept askingwhat was wrong. Just like I did. He felt pressured.
I never pressured. I just wanted to know what was up. I honestly didnt do anything to provoke this, at least I dont think I did.
Weeks before he told me he owned me. That he would be very picky about who I dated and iit would be hard for him. Where did that come from? Who knows.
There are lots of things he said that make no sense.
One minute he needs me and is in love with me. The next minute he is treating my like a pal.
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