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Originally Posted by gorgeouskitten View Post
I want to ask him if she'll be tested a few weeks from first encounter or if she'll ask him to do it now, and that until testing his done he not have more 'risky' unprotected behaviors with her.
In my world this request would be met with a raised eyebrow. If *you* want to adjust *your* behavior because you see something as being a risk then that is your business. You telling someone else what *they* need to do to help you avoid risk is not appropriate.

You get to live your life and adjust your actions. The moment you start telling other people that they should adjust their actions to suit your preference then you have externalized responsibility for your health (physical and otherwise) as well as risked creating an unhealthy power dynamic.

I am also with Cattiva though, it sounds like your bases are all covered. Where do you see risk?
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