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GS, It right on point. Be grateful... Please be grateful for the love you have. Unfortunately at the moment my Fiance and I are on very shakey ground. There are massive holes in our relationship and he is using those 3 little words to make patches... but theres still a hole underneath each one. There has been absolutely no action behind those words for healing our relationship or my heart. And quiet frankly... each time he says those words it feels like another little piece of my heart dies... Words that were once so beautiful are daggers from his mouth.

And worse of all, its like chewing glass to say them back and not put a BUT at the end of it. I love you, but the things you do are killing my spirit.... : ( I do have hope for us I just have to add. Sorry to rant about this, but I understand how one can have a painful reaction to simple words, words that give you the opposite reaction.

Might I suggest asking him the thoughts and feelings that those words trigger in him vs the thoughts and feelings that are triggered by how he expresses his love for you in a way that is healthy for him and express yours as well. I think it would make for a loving convo that would leave the both of you at peace and with a stronger bond.
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