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Default Std testing...asking for accommodations

So this is a straight up sex and std question, could use some input. My boyfriend and I each have a spouse. Me, boyfriend and his spouse have all been tested recently, my spouse has not but the people he has slept with had been and spouse and I use condoms for birth control, also use condoma with boyfriend, boyfriend and his wife are fluid bonded (oral is unprotected with both bf and spouse for me)

So here's the deal, BF's wife has taken a new partner, he is the first 'stranger' (anyone one else our spouses have slept with have been friends we know well, bf and I haven't had others since getting involved) and he has not been tested. She has used condoms for sex and toys, and no oral. I'm uncomfable with new guys status and her being fluid bonded with our shared partner. I want to ask him if she'll be tested a few weeks from first encounter or if she'll ask him to do it now, and that until testing his done he not have more 'risky' unprotected behaviors with her.

Is this reasonable? Or am I took far removed to be asking?
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