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Originally Posted by crisare View Post
I was told by the moderator to bring this up for discussion. I did so. Before I could even log on and check the official answer I was given a punitive warning and a nastygram from the Moderator.

I wasn't even given a chance to read this and remove the links based on your ruling (which I would have, even though I disagree with your logic and your rule).

If I ran my message boards like this, I'd have no members. I'm extremely angry at how this was handled.

I WAS TOLD to bring this up for discussion, when I did I was reprimanded and then punished. It is personal and it WAS a punishment. Even though I was clearly told in PM to bring it up for discussion first.

And policy where members are allowed to spam, but a link to a product is forbidden is just a stupid policy. It's hypocritical.

I won't be back.
I'm sorry crisare but I think you're totally overreacting here. We already tried to make it clear that it was not a punishment, and we stated our reasons for doing the removal. If you want to leave over something like this, then that's your choice.

Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
I want to add that we are especially prone to spam due to the quasi-sexual nature of this forum. When combining that with links coming FROM here (with the site being linked to being able to track referred links), it makes us DOUBLY susceptible to spam. Despite the fact that these may be the most awesome sex toys evah and you want to help everyone else have access to the great orgasms they can provide, that does not change the fact that "adult" sites are notorious for spreading spam, spyware, and other internet flotsam. If you run your own forums, you know I am right about this.
Also, links affect search engine rankings (both incoming and outgoing links do). We want to make sure we are associated with polyamory only for maximum exposure (sig/blog links aside).

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