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Can't help but wonder if you are ADD.
Regardless-alarms, preferably set to go off each time you need to end an activity with one sound and starting new activities a DIFFERENT sound.

But-it only works if you hold yourself accountable.

I am ADD, as is husband, boyfriend and all the kids.
We have a calendar we use together and I use a list and alarms.
Hubby works 7am-3pm with a 1 hr drive each side.
Bf works 1pm-midnight 15 min drive time. He takes "lunch" @ 8pm to tuck kids in and storytime for 1 hr.
I have class Mon/Wed 8am an hr away and time home depends.
Kids have piano Tues 10-11:30.
Swimming thurs 5-7pm.
I homeschool kids so we do classes from 9-3 tues, thurs and fri.
Bf does class with them mon and wed 9-12.
And chores with kids (laundry, dishes, vacuum, etc) 7am-9am m-f
Weekends are family time as a group.
Fri night is "date night" for me and hubby.
Wed evening is "problem solving" if needed.....

U get the picture.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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