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Default its been a loooooong time :)

Thank You for the warm welcome!
Its been a while since I visited
darn short term memory lol
but thanks to email spring cleaning & bookmarks...
Here we are!
: )

I enjoyed reading my intro ...its like getting to read a diary entry lol

so update!
The three of us are doing very well.
There is much harmony...
We(her & I) were able to reconnect & rekindle our friendship & love lives

our individual relationships are doing awesome too...
she and I even held hands and went for a walk : )
he is happy about the improvement and like always is just freaking awesome at making everyone feel loved while making sure we dont absent mindly run him over like many passive agressive women often do lol
honestly its always been like a really kool sleepover and now that feeling is coming back.

its not for everyone but rather for the right one.

I hope you guys are in good health and good spirit!!
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