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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I'm starting to think the untrustworthy ones aren't the obvious assholes, but the people who seemingly mean well, but procrastinate and do everything half-assed.
This is classic passive-aggressive behavior. They say one thing so they can look good, because it bothers them when people think they can't be trusted, but then they find every excuse in the book to not do what they said they would. My husband does this kind of shit and I lived with it for 20 years before understanding what was going on (my family is the complete opposite, we argue about everything, say no then change our minds, etc). It made me take a serious look at what his childhood might have been really like and it gave me a much different understanding of him. Although it still pisses me off, I am able to recognize when it's happening or alter my approach to get better results (or at least the truth), most of the time. It's still a work in progress.

Watch, his paperwork will show up just after you have filed the new paperwork .
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