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If you have a smart phone start using the handy dandy schedule features in it. Start using the alarm clock.

I manage to juggle my job as a personal assistant to a musician whose bigger in Europe than here in the US. I have to do a lot of business on Berlin time. His home is now here in the US but his bandmates still live in Germany.

I have 2 boys who are 6 and 10. Who play football whose season just starting
. They have practice 2 hours a night. Monday through Friday. Weekends are games. I have to get them fed 2 hours before we go so they don't puke. When school starts there is homework.

My husband works 3pm to 11pm. 7 days straight with 2 days off. Then 8days with 4 days off.

My boyfriend works 6pm to 6am. Two days on two off except the weekend he works he works Friday through Monday.

Both men have shitty schedules yet I manage a 60/40 split of time. I just have to stick to my schedule. I can't go day dreaming or dilly dallying. Even though that is my personality.
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