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Originally Posted by bookbug View Post
I gather you work evenings. Something to consider as well is your energy level. When my energy level drops, I am less able to cope with EVERYTHING. The thing of it is, if I fail to realize the creeping tiredness - or slight but ever-present chronic tiredness that some shifts bring - then I will damn well find a reason why I feel upset, when really all I am is tired or under-powered.

Since you feel okay when it is the three of you, I am guessing you are getting energy from the group dynamic. More energy - problem solved! But if you work a shift that is more stressful to you, and work - regardless of whether we like or not - requires your personal resources. Of course you'd rather be home with the people who love you.

Hell, I have even volunteered to work shifts for people who had a family emergency, and still found myself yearning for home, even though I had volunteered!

So I am guessing the core issue is that you wish you were home, and has little to do with the relationship dynamic between the three of you - which sounds pretty healthy.

I do work evenings and is it hard. I have a varying shift so I can work as early as 3:30-11:30pm, 6-2am, or 11:30-7:30am. My job is also very stressful as I work in corrections. I actually think you are right about the energy. I do yearn to be home. It is all I can think about some days. Some days are better than others when it comes to my issues, but it is helpful to know I am not alone and to gain perspective on things, so for that I thank you.

As we are going through the same issues and we are both new members, I wanted to let you know that you can PM me if you ever need to vent or just chat. I think all the support you can get is best.

Much love.
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