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Originally Posted by Feria View Post
He has been going thru a hardtime recently and has distanced me so bad I am questioning my own sanity... Why not just tell the truth instead of taking my loving words and twisting them like that.
Are you certain that you didn't have any agenda with that letter? You say that you were feeling so distanced that your sanity was in question - but that letter was for nothing but to tell him you love him? You didn't expect anything in return?

It's unlikely that the letter was completely absent of agenda; generally speaking people just don't function that way. I don't know you, so this is just a guess based on how most people seem to work and the "feel" of your posts, but I think you could benefit from taking a moment to do some introspection.

That aside, your problem is not this man, I assure you. Your problem seems to be a damaged sense of self-worth. Forget about this guy and work on improving yourself.
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