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Originally Posted by crisare View Post

I WAS TOLD to bring this up for discussion, when I did I was reprimanded and then punished. It is personal and it WAS a punishment. Even though I was clearly told in PM to bring it up for discussion first.
I believe this is what you are referring to-

The guidelines for site posting and commercial activity are here.
user guidelines

They are a sticky on the index. I don't consider the websites you posted as adhering to those guidelines. Please make suggestions if you think this is unclear- the rules are always under editing to be as clear and productive as possible.

Like I said, mentioning the companies is fine, but the concern is promoting commercial interests of any kind.

I'm sorry you misunderstood. I was merely linking you to the location of the rule I was enforcing, and welcoming input. I did not mean to imply that my prior warning was void because you disagreed with it.

It's really nothing personal, and I've said all I'm going to say at this point. I hope you'll stay on, regardless.

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