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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
Unless the new guy has something awesome going that is about to expire, and i cannot imagine what that could be if i were you, then this is someone i would um, WAIT a while before getting too involved with them. Unless you are down for some drama, mama.
So you are just confirming what I already said:

I am wary about getting started with him while he is in this state of confusion and upset. He said, he just wants to "get back in the saddle" ... I will see what happens in the coming weeks.
But thanks for looking out for me. It's disappointing, for sure, to have this development. He seems to understand why I feel cautious now.

BTW, I kinda hate calling people's life issues "drama" unless it's confirmed that they seek violent negative emotions and want to cause pain just for the fun or addiction of it. I do not think that is the case here, but again, I am being cautious.

In other news, Ginger and I have had good talks about his new interest, Mischa. As GG would say, I asked for "reassure" and got it a-plenty. Good thing is, Ginger is not one to say "I love you" much, but he's said it a few times since his date with her. Ha!

He came by yesterday and after our usual clinch (rawr), helped miss pixi hang shelves and a rod in the third bedroom, which is to be her dressing room, while I napped (still weak from being sick). Apparently that was a nice bonding time for them... after I got up and the job was completed, we 3 sat on the couch, and after a while Ginger started kissing her and it turned into a nice 3way makeout/grope session, which has not happened since New Years. Yay!
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