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If you are posting you ARE worried. I think what you could be asking is "I am worried about this. Is it weird?"

If so? Yah, I think it is weird.

he tells me how he knows that deep down, I really wish he wanted me above all other women. (<--really? How does he know that? Presumption. )

I really think I don't....and I'm not looking for ways to convince him...but the weird thing, is he's okay with this. He says that's normal for women, and that we're all like that. (<-- really? He knows all women? How does he know that? Presumption.)

I honestly disagree with him, and when he says stuff like that, I usually reply with something along the lines of he's too annoying to deal with 24/7.

Should I be concerned that my poly boyfriend thinks I wish he were monogamous?
I'd be more concerned that my poly BF wants to tell me what to feel and when I feel it. And to WHAT PURPOSE? He wants to feel good at your expense by instigating "the women fight over me" or something?

I'd also be annoyed he's "decided" this, and is now telling me it is "normal" for women to be this way. (Which is like a backhanded way of getting you to question if you are "normal" right now or not. Again... to what PURPOSE?)

Jeez. What's with his head games? Who is he trying to convince? You or himself?

I wouldn't want this type of shenanigans in my life and I'd call him on it. Respect my limit -- I get to be in charge of how I feel and when I feel it and when/how I express it and to whom.

He could not presume or assume. He has a need? Spit it out and make a request. I might meet it. Shilly shally around? Annoying.

He keeps it up? This obnoxious presuming and annoying?

Out the door. There's less annoying/tiresome people to date in the world.



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