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I'm in "mindfuck" territory right now.

Someone I've been seeing for a little while and getting very intimate with (emotionally, not sexually) told me last night that she's developing feelings for (and sexual attraction towards) me. I've certainly got feelings for her, but the biggest one is a respect for her values and boundaries.

You see... she's mono-identifying and married. I'm friends with her husband as well.

So, amidst the absolute amazingness of being validated as a desired partner, the fear that I'll be "her mistake", my genuine desire to see her happy, the sexual tension between us and all of that, I'm feeling quite dizzy.

Luckily, we're both very mature people. She has some things on her mind and heart that she wants to deal with between her husband and herself and she's willing to seize that opportunity. This morning, she started opening the dialogue with him about what she's feeling towards him, towards herself and towards their relationship.

I don't know where that will lead to. I suspect a few realistic possibilities and more than anything, I hope she starts feeling resolution and movement soon.

I'm also a bit terrified that the amazing time we've been sharing will be something that she feels, ultimately, she needs to cut out. The downside to loving many people is that there's more opportunity for being hurt.

I'm sure at this point I'm rambling but can ya blame me?
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