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Thanks, Meera and Cindie! It's nice to get some feedback.

Yes, Ginger is recovered and full of energy. In fact he feels better than he has in years, he said. His immune system is weird, he has allergies. He says maybe the high fevers (over 103) reset him somehow. Hope it lasts.

I am still not out of the woods. Still recovering from the mother of all sinus infections. Getting there....

So, I went on a first date with New Guy 2 days ago. It went well, and he said, I am "amazing, warm, and caring." And he really really wants to see me again. We only held hands a little over the table, and hugged goodbye. No kissing.

He met me for an early dinner in my town at this BBQ place I'd tried last weekend for miss p's birthday dinner. He is tall, 6'1", quite fit, great head of hair, nice fluffy goatee, huge blue eyes, great skin, looks several years younger than his 42. He had a certain charismatic alpha male personality. Not my usual type, but I am curious to see how the D/s dynamic works out.

Unfortunately, he is suddenly having troubles with his wife and his "gf." The wife told him a couple days ago she is going thru a midlife crisis, "It's not you, it's me," kind of thing. She wants out of the marriage. She wants to be free! And here they are, already poly, she has a long term gf, they've got 3 kids, can't really afford to live separately. They are going to start counseling.

On top of that, his newish gf (4 mos and he's in total NRE) told him she "likes" him, doesn't want a real relationship, just more of a playpartner thing.... he doesn't even know what that means yet, whether he will see her less, or the same, or what. He is obviously a very passionate open-hearted guy, and said she is... kinda flaky, or ditsy it seems. Hm. I feel bad for him.

All this happened on the same day! So, I am seeing him at his most vulnerable, just being supportive. He said, it was very healing to be with me. I am wary about getting started with him while he is in this state of confusion and upset. He said, he just wants to "get back in the saddle" ... I will see what happens in the coming weeks. He is a hottie though, and very smart, funny, charming, loves language, energetic, dynamic. I am interested, for sure. Ginger and miss pixi have been good sounding boards.
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