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Originally Posted by spicefox View Post

I think b is more likely as she meets 0 of his needs (its a very fresh relationship) and basically he likes her body. ...I have told him I understand if he chooses her but I can't continue benig the "other" woman, and that its his choice to make.
Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
So...he is having unprotected sex with you AND she doesn't even KNOW about you....
If he really wanted to break up with her, he would. Here's a guy who has so little respect for this woman that he's
  1. lying to her/cheating on her
  2. badmouthing her to others (telling you she doesn't meet his needs) and
  3. using her as a body he likes having sex with.

You'll eventually be more depressed if you continue to lower yourself to someone like this. I think we all recognize these character flaws, and deep down, being with such a person sends a message to ourselves that that's all we're worth.
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