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He may not be quite so egotistical as everyone thinks, a teensy bit misogynistic perhaps. He's probably talked to her a bunch trying to figure out her jealousy and how to help it. When one is trying to do that with someone else they typically have to guess a bit at what the other person is thinking, which means that he has probably has at one point or another during a conversation guessed at a jealous reaction that she had. If he guessed right (which if she is jealous then he probably did) then he probably got a bit of a confidence boost, when combined with a viewpoint that all women are alike in any way at all, leads to your situation. I wouldn't be worried about it, and if you think you aren't jealous then you probably aren't. Don't write off the opportunity for self evaluation to be sure, but don't assume that you necessarily are jealous just because he says so, right now his perception is a bit clouded by the other more jealous girl. This is of course a rather optimistic take on the situation but its certainly something that can happen.
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