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Thank you for the replies so far, they have been very helpful.

I've considered taking myself out of situations where we will all be in the same place however I feel like that will begin to impact other parts of my life. We're all in the same friendship circle so removing myself will likely lead to me to not seeing other friends as often and also giving up one of my hobbies (which is where I generally end up seeing my friends and my BF and his other girlfriend). I am also semi-friends with his other partner as well. I am still considering it but I think I would prefer to leave it as a last resort.

I'm trying really hard to not compare my relationship with my BF with his other relationship and in a sense it is working (there was a bunch of things a couple of months ago that I had to work through that all came down to comparison) but I'm still really new to poly relationships (this is my first poly relationship). Does anyone else have any tips for adjusting from a monogamous type of thinking to a polyamorous one?
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