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This sounds quite interesting. My partners and I are always looking for new things to do when we are together those couple of times a year that we get. Sadly, it seems most resorts, hotels and the like limit us terribly. We most always end up with a suite just to ensure that we have the king size bed we want.
With only being together a week to two weeks, twice a year, when we are together we want to pile up in a puppy pile together every night and get as much snuggle time as we can.
If it were just about the sex, we could go into one room, do the business, then split into our own beds, but we like/want the intimacy of the all night snuggles since our time is so limited.
The cruises we have looked into simply didn't offer the room we needed for 3. If anyone knows of any that do, I would be most interested to know.
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