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Default Second Date - different chick

So yesterday Dude went on his second OKC date (different girl).

The first date (with the other girl), two weeks ago, there was a little treading on eggshells - where he asked me if I would like it if he came home (see above posts). We had some pre-his-date, post-his-date went well from my end (how it went on their end is their business, but she didn't feel the "chemistry").

So, this second date was more open ended. She was going to meet him at a certain place, they would probably go out to eat, she could meet MrS or not depending on what time she decided to arrive (he had a scheduled thing and would be at the place for a defined period of time, regardless of when she decided to come). Dude didn't know if he would come home or not, etc.

AND?!?...fine, I'm fine. I really LIKE being fine. (And I think the fact that he asked me the first time, and then followed through contributed to my current "fine-ness".)

I had a few moments of indecision: should I text him like I usually do? - when I am done with work and when I am home. Would I interrupt them? I decided that, since we hadn't made any other arrangements, that I would just do what I normally do. So I sent my usual "No reply needed" txt's at the intervals I usually do - "done doing P, going to do Q"... Each time, Dude responded by calling me - "We are here, doing x, then we are going to do y or z." "Have a good time." was my sincere response.

Haven't really had the wrap-up debriefing for this second date yet. She left before MrS picked Dude up. There may, or may not, have been sex involved. (Doesn't matter either way to me - except to confirm that IF there was sex involved, WAS a condom used per our agreements and did they have a safer sex/STI talk? - after we have been through this a few times I won't feel the need to ask, I just need to learn whether this is ingrained). Dude and MrS are at a movie and meeting up with some folks and will come home (IF they come home) after I am in bed.

I did see them both for a few minutes - after the date and before the movie (but in a location where we could not talk freely). No weird vibes from my end. We'll find out more later...


PS. My biggest fear, at this point, is that Dude will want to share "too much" information. He has no filters (what-so-ever). I don't need every detail - the broad picture is good enough.
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