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Okay, finished season 1. Getting through it.

Strangely enough my biggest annoyance is how often they say 'Vampire.' I guess I'm kind of spoiled by Walking Dead which hardly ever if at all says 'Zombies.' I understand it's because zombies can't speak up for themselves and state how offended they are by the term 'walkers' the way vampires would be able to. Biggest one-off annoyance: Sookie cleaning up the blood in her kitchen rather than specialists.

Plus side though, the music is well selected (I ended up buying a Jace Everett album, already have most of Steve Earle's stuff and caught at least one of his songs in there). Couple of nice twists not quite plot-wise but presentation-wise.

I know I'm five years behind so I won't be adding to this thread too often, but yeah, I'll stick with the series.
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