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Thumbs up to both of those caveats.
Relationships take both parties making a concerted effort.

And you are absolutely dead on with the touch/sex.
I am HIGHLY sexual and have a physical need for that daily. But hubby, whose love language is physical touch, needs sex a cpl times a week and he is satisfied.

Its important for me to NOT make physical affection always lead to sex and important for him to "lead it to sex" for me lol.

Likewise, my bf, he is a touchy feely person with no demand at all for sex. He is happy to do whatever needed to get me off, but rarely strives for his own sexual release. But he thrives on cuddles.

Touch is a tricky one.
But great relationships are tricky too.
Like chess versus checkers.

Poly dynamics are like 3-D chess.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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