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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
He tells her she's "so cold" and she responds "Cold is what we call people when they won't do what we want them to anymore"... love it.
Ha, that's a good one! Very true in all sorts of relationships.

I think my problem is with the 'do things because it feels good to do so'...
I feel like a bad person because being a loving, caring daughter to my parents, doesn't make me feel good, but makes me want to run, scream, and drink a lot of wine instead

I've been in touch with MrBrown whose life's philosophy is very much the same as yours Marcus (in fact numerous times I've thought you must be one and the same person, if it weren't for your pic, your description of your partners, and the fact that MrBrown doesn't speak very good english )

He says I should write down what I want, without thinking of the other voices. I need to make a choice and follow through, instead of doing what is basically what my parents taught me - muddle through and hope the bad things will go away by itself.

I know that's what I need to do. But it's hard.
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