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Default Hello :) Poly q

So, I'm generally a very mono person and I lost someone last year that I cared deeply for.

We've got back in contact and unfortunately he has a girlfriend. she's not fulfilling any of his needs so he keeps talking about finishing with her. I don't like being the other woman. I prefer being number one

But, this situation has made me realise that I don't mind "sharing" him even though I don't usually.

I've put forward the idea of an open relationship. so mono/poly. in which ive said he just needs to discuss with me first if he wants to sleep with someone else and possibly use protection with the "secondaries". (we don't use condoms, never have)

I'm just wondering anyone elses experience of mono/poly and if you found you cared for someone enough to be willing to be in this sort of relationship with them

Also, I was thinking of writing up some "ground" rules. Type thing, but I dont know whether this is a good or bad idea. I'm thinking good to begin with as neither of us have been in any sort of poly relationship

any comments etc please

also hi! I'm new
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