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Default Dealing with Envy

Hi there everybody.

I've been in my first polyamorous relationship for about 3 months now and lately I've been feeling very envious of his other girlfriend especially when we're all in the same place at the same time.

When I first started dating my BF she made a rule that we couldn't be couply when she was around because it made her uncomfortable, however they can still be couply when I'm around.

I was finding this extremely difficult to deal with and my BF has been really great in trying to tone down being overly couply with her (I knew them before I started dating my BF and they were extremely couply) but I'm still getting extremely envious when I see them interact and be together when I'm around because I feel like I can't have the same thing with him.

Does anyone know of any useful coping strategies when dealing with envy?
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