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Once again, thankyou LovingRadiance and SusyQ for the straight talk, it has really helped. My motives are possibly wrong in the sense that they could be defensive, in that my thinking was that it would be better for a liason now rather than have it hanging over the relationship. I know it may sound strange but I would still like it to happen.. because I know they would if they were both single and there was no one that would get hurt. I also feel for him because he hasn't had a womans sensual touch in probably a year. Am I crazy to relate this to my GF?

The sex, I could handle, the love factor, well who knows??? I get it that most guys don't think like women and most women don't think like

Now that I think about it, that's what GF herself has been trying to say. Window shopping is great but the purchases can be costly!
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