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I will speak to you personally in PM's from here on in.
To be honest, I'd rather anything you have to say to me be made public, if you don't mind. You suggested to me that if I had a concern, that I address it in the rules, and so I'm following your advice. I'd rather not have my hand slapped again for following the suggestion you made in private.

I think this is a topic that other members should be allowed to weigh in on rather than having it be hidden and private.

Originally Posted by Rarechild View Post
Macbeth did the right thing not posting a link to a site that sold his products, but rather dealing with individuals if they had questions.
So it's ok to spam the members by announcing that you're making a product and selling it and then soliciting them to PM you ... but it's not ok to post a link to a product you have no affiliation with other than as a satisfied customer?

Please note I have no problem with what Macbeth did. I do have a problem with the "spirit" of the rule and how it's being applied. Spamming is spamming and to say one is ok and the other is not seems to be rather contradictory and hypocritical to me.

I don't understand the rule.

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