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I have 3 grown children (21-28) and custody of 4 grandchildren (3-11) and all know, to the extent of their understanding, how mom/gramma loves.

I am blessed because all of the kids adore R and rosevett and the rest of the extended family.

My kids were a bit hesitant at first and I found out later it was because R wears a ring and they thought he was cheating.
Once that was cleared up, they have been very matter of fact about the whole situation.
My youngest daughter describes it like this: My mom's boyfriend has another girlfriend who has another boyfriend and they all hang out together

The younger kids know everyone as family; the oldest granddaughter caught on very quickly the first time we went to R & rosevett's house for a visit.
I simply said that I know some people think that you should only have one boyfriend or girlfriend at a time but that we didn't feel that way.
We love each other and are happy with the way things are.
She has been fine with it ever since.

I am who I am and I can't imagine trying to hide any part of that from my kids.

They know I'm bi, they know I'm poly and they know I love them fiercely.
They also know they can talk to me about anything and I know that works both ways for us.
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