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But yea - we're with you on the whole labeling thing. We regularly rail against them in general.

Originally Posted by Thunderlizard View Post
....... And actually, if you speak to a pansexually identified person.. they are often pretty insistent that you're human... really! Sheep and aliens are most often disqualified from being loved on a romantic OR sexual level (unless the alien is really cute, in which case some special dispensation may be issued). Those who love sheep have thier own labels. I'm not going NEAR that issue.
But here I'm afraid you've really stepped over the line. I would suggest maybe moving with no forwarding address. Otherwise be expecting a knock on your door from PETA, Sheep Lovers United and last but NOT least the Marginalization Police ! Because you're definitely guilty of marginalizing the poor fuzzies. And THEY think that's a very baaaaaaaaaa-d idea !


sorry - that was plain naughty - but too hard to resist. Simply a moment of weakness
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