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I think I just have to slow down, take a deep breath, and remind myself that this is my baggage and not bring it into my new relationship.

E is not L. He is not making me feel unimportant to him. When I sent him a text on Monday and mentioned it wasn't anything important but just asked if he had some time because I was feeling chatty, he made time for me. Even when he was busy, we still texted goodnight and good morning. He's still taking care of a few little tasks I asked of him. So whatever my worries are, I will deal with them and remind myself that they are unfounded. Being hurt once does not mean I will be hurt again.

I am seeing E again this weekend and can't wait.
Me: 32 year old poly pansexual Dominant female, legally separated. Dating Jennifer (married poly), 7 months, and Henry (single poly), 6 months.

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